Hair Transplant for diffusive pattern hair loss for Afro Caribbean textured and curly hair

The procedure of a hair transplant surgery conducts by harvesting a person’s own hair from the back and sides of the scalp, as the area contains stable hairs against hair loss and baldness and carries the dominance properties that can be distributed all over the scalp to maintain a evened density.

The reason because Afro hair transplant makes up a different sect of the surgical procedure is not certainly keeping any ethnicity in mind, but the biological hair type of extreme curl and kinky that is typical of the afro-textured ethnicity, which makes a hair transplant surgery more strenuous than it is normally straight and wavy hair types. So does the hair color being too similar to the color of the skin of the scalp which confuses the surgeon on choosing the proper follicular units as well emplacing them?

Understanding diffusive hair loss

The surgery works with androgenic alopecia, which is the predominant diagnosis of hair loss leading to baldness caused by the genetic sequence of male primary hormones: androgens. Baldness is a man’s thing by the predominant cause of androgenic alopecia or male pattern baldness which is very rare in women. Whereas diffuse hair loss is rather common in women, which doesn’t lead to baldness, but profuse hair thinning.

Hair loss is surely a medical diagnosis, and before understanding the extensiveness and value of a hair transplant surgery for the afro-textured diffuse pattern and no pattern hair loss, it is important to know the types of hair loss patterns that cause the challenge.

Types of hair loss pattern: Hair loss in a pattern is most common, with a predictable receding hair line starting either from the top of the scalp or the front and spreading gradually leaving a certain amount of hair at the back and sides of the scalp.

Diffusive pattern baldness is a variant of the pattern baldness wherein the top and the center portion of the scalp sees diffusive hair loss while the sides and back of the scalp are most likely to be stable as in pattern hair loss, Whereas diffusive nonpattern occurs all over the scalp and there is no virtual permanent spot of stable hair. This diffuse nature of hair loss is more common with women.

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